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    • 16 June 2022

      Welcome to Salling Roofgarden

      Our state-of-the-art roofgarden, an addition to the popular Salling Rooftop, is being inaugurated today. It offers a lush breathing space in the heart of Aarhus creating a public space for relaxation and togetherness while setting the standard for increasing biodiversity in cities. 

    • Today, Salling Roofgarden, designed in collaboration with Ramboll, opens adding 1400 square meters to the already existing rooftop and providing a quiet oasis for immersion and cohesion surrounded by green vegetation in the open air.    

      “The new Roofgarden is a place for people to unplug and relax in a beautiful setting high above the busy streets of Aarhus. We wanted to create an oasis of biodiversity that brings nature into an urban setting. To do that, it is important that our city’s roofs are being utilized properly since they provide a platform for nature and plants to grow,” Eva Ravnborg, Market Director Denmark at Henning Larsen.

      The Roofgarden is being shaped by 6-meter-tall trees that literally grow into the sky, plants running down the building’s facade, and a lookout platform 30 meters above the city’s streetscape, creating a panoramic view over Denmark’s second-biggest city. Bridges on different levels make it possible for people to move between the roofgarden’s different facilities.

      “The vision of Salling Roofgarden is to add more vegetation to people’s everyday lives. We want to rethink the urban space and create more green areas for the public to use, giving them the opportunity to find peace with themselves and their surroundings. We want to include our users, making them the owners of the Roofgarden,” Marianne Bedsted, CEO of Salling, adds.

      Bringing nature closer to people not only create spaces for people to gather, but also make for better air quality and reduce noise reverberation in the cityscapes. With the decreasing biodiversity in urbanized areas, city nature is becoming an important piece of the puzzle in creating a sustainable ecosystem. 

      The vast usage of vegetation in Salling Roofgarden creates a habitat for local plants and wildlife, contributing to the green transition that Aarhus is going through. Furthermore, it offers views to somemof Henning Larsen projects in Aarhus that uses the roof area as a platform to give back to the city and its citizens – this was also a key point during the creation of the Moesgaard Museum, Frederiksbjerg School, and is also being integrated into Aarhus ReWater, which has not yet been build.