• Upcoming events

      • 13.11.18: Edinburgh, Scotland
        Jacob Kurek

        Masterplanning and Urban Development - Putting people first

      • 28.11.18: Amsterdam, Netherlands
        Jacob Kurek

        Rockwool Workshop: Re-thinking Cities

      • 29.11.18: Barcelona, Spain
        Sarah Müllertz

        Motivating Millenials - Workspace design that prepares your business for the future

      • 28.11.18: Toronto, Canada
        Michael Sørensen

        Preparing for an Urban Future: The Importance of Inclusive Architecture

      • 30.11.18: Vienna, Austria
        Jakob Strømann-Andersen

        The benefits of better daylight in buildings

      • 06.12.18: Copenhagen, Denmark
        Jakob Strøman-Andersen

        A future research agenda for the built environment

      • 20.03.19: Hong Kong, China
        Claude Bøjer Godefroy

        Context and Culture in the Design of Cultural Nodes

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