• Meet us

      • 27.05.18: Euronoise Conference 2018
        Finnur Pind

        Room Acoustic Simulations

      • 15.03.18: MiPIM
        Jacob Kurek

        Future Urbanity: The Unthinkable World

      • 12.02.18: RESONATE Lisbon, lecture
        Louis Becker

        Keynote: Harpa Music Hall and Conference Centre

      • 25.01.18: Indoor climate, conference
        Signe Kongebro

        Health and Energy in Building Design

      • 12.12.17: Biosafety and Laboratory Technology Conference, lecture
        Morten Berggren Jepsen

        High Bio-Safety Level in Laboratories

      • 17.10.17: Denver Art Museum, lecture
        Louis Becker

        Livable City Planning

      • 07.12.17: New Nordic Sustainability, lecture
        Signe Kongebro

        Design with Knowledge

      • 15.11.17: WAF 2017, keynote + panel debate
        Jacob Kurek

        Scenography of Performance Spaces

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