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    • Kasper Kyndesen

      Design Director Norway, Partner
      +45 8231 3178
      +45 6035 2178

      Kasper is a partner and responsible for Henning Larsen's activities in Norway. As an architect, he has worked on a variety of projects in varying degrees and grades, and has thus acquired a solid ability to quickly identify the projects' issues and to switch between tools and methods relevant to the task. During the past year he has worked specifically with sustainable projects focusing on residential and urban planning, as well as cultural and commercial buildings where he has conducted construction consultancy in con­nection with energy renovation.

      In his time at Henning Larsen, Kasper has worked as a design-responsible architect on a number of projects. Re­cently he has been involved in several of the larger Norwe­gian projects of the office. Kasper worked closely with the Riksantikvaren and the Norwegian Disability Federation on a strategy for exposing the historic Tønsberg center to a new urban plan for Tønsberg Center. The project is an example of Kasper's work with urban ecology in a sensitive area, taking into account cultural heritage values and reuse.

      Of other projects with high complexity, Herlev Hospital and Løkkeveien can be mentioned. In the past, Kasper has been a key person in the development of the overall plan for the new hospital, while in the development of the new residen­tial building at Løkkeveien, was responsible for preparing the overall concept, as well as facilitating close cooperation with local advisers and the municipality.

      Professional Experience

      Henning Larsen, Denmark, 2010
      NORD Architects, Denmark, 2007
      Claus Bjarrum Architects, Denmark, 2004
      Dorte Mandrup Architects, Denmark, 2002


      MA in Architecture, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Denmark, 2002
      Architectural Studies, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, 1998