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    • Gentofte Library

      A proof of concept in light usage, the Gentofte Library helped develop the stylistic employments of natural daylight in Henning Larsen’s work. As a space for learning, gathering and socializing, the Gentofte Library remains a local favorite.

      • Location:
        • Copenhagen, Denmark
      • Area:
        • 7,500 m²
      • Year:
        • 1985
      • Status:
      • Client:
        • Municipality of Gentofte
      • Photos:
        • Pierre Chatel
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  • Constructed in 1985, the Gentofte Library is an enduring example of Henning Larsen’s intuitive use of daylight in architecture. Interior lines are simple but deliberate, designed to emphasize and enhance natural lighting as a means of establishing space and mood. A large central atrium gives way to smaller spaces for reading and research; slanted skylights direct and diffuse light to guide visitors through the building and establish communal spaces.

    A 2010 study directed by Henning Larsen’s Sustainability Department found that students preferred to stay longer at Gentofte Library than other nearby libraries, and found the space more attractive and inspiring. The Gentofte Library stands out as one of Henning Larsen’s earlier triumphs in using light to create space and community.