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    • The Danish Embassy of Riyadh

      The robust walls with the delicate wooden screens give a very precious experience of being in Denmark and The Arab World at the same time.

      • Location
        • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
      • Client
        • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
      • Area
        • 2.000 m² (21.528 ft²)
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    • The Danish Embassy in Saudi Arabia combines the Arabian and the Nordic worlds in a highly sensitive way. The calm facades are occasionally interlaced by teakwood screens. The screens are a simultaneous tribute to the local ornamented mashrabiya-screens, and the Nordic tradition of precision woodworking. Behind the facades, in the sheltered courtyard spaces, the daylight is modulated in the right balance between light and refreshing shadow. The Embassy that also includes the chancellery, the ambassador and staff residences, unfolds in a sequence of daylight-infused but still calming rooms. From public to private spaces the building complex comes across as a small-scale city. The Embassy complex expresses the understanding that architecture arises in an exchange between cultures. This is the standard that we continue to pursue in all of our projects.

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