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    • Enghøj Church

      A distinguishing inverted roof defines Enghøj Church, a striking geometric departure from traditional Danish churches. From inside, the roof resembles the keel of a large sailing vessel – A tribute to seafaring in Nordic heritage, and an open metaphor for journeys and transitions.

      • Location:
        • Randers, Denmark
      • Area:
        • 1,500 m2
      • Year:
        • 1994
      • Status:
      • Client:
        • The Church Council of Borup's and St. Clemens' Parish
      • Team:
        • Engineer: Kersten and Westphal
      • Photos:
        • Martin Schubert, Pierre Chatel
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  • Traveling through rural Denmark, the brick steeples of traditional Danish churches become a familiar sight through the car window. Passing the modernist concrete lines of Enghøj Church, immediately recognizable for its inverted roof, stays in memory long after the church vanishes in the rearview mirror. Viewed from inside, the inverted roof resembles the keel of a great ship, a visual tribute to Denmark’s rich maritime heritage and the broader presence of seafaring in Nordic myths and legend.

    Clusters of small bulbs hanging overhead and gentle, diffuse daylight create a celestial atmosphere within the church, a striking place of reflection transcending faith and background. Enghøj Church highlights Henning Larsen’s ability to blend tradition and innovation, a visually striking modern interpretation of a traditional holy space.