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    • Roskilde University Library

      Connecting to the city of Roskilde’s history as a religious center, the main hall of the Roskilde University Library inspires a cathedral-like quiet; providing a reflective environment for scholars to focus and collaborate.

      • Location:
        • Roskilde, Denmark
      • Area:
        • 7,600 m2
      • Year:
        • 2001
      • Status:
      • Client:
        • Roskilde University
      • Photos:
        • Jens Lindhe, Pierre Chatel
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  • The Roskilde University Library is as much a part of campus as it is a singularity. The high ceilings, polished concrete and sparse, formal furnishings of the vast main hall inspire a sense of sanctitude, establishing a place of quiet focus amid the greater commotion of the university. Large windows allow ample daylight to diffuse through central reading rooms and smaller focus spaces, and provide visitors a reflective view over the adjacent lake and university campus. The library’s glass facades establish a sense of transparency and connection with the rest of campus, while simultaneously preserving a sense of privacy and focus for the university’s scholars.