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    • Kunsthalle Würth

      Along the banks of the River Kocher in the old town of Schwäbisch Hall, the Kunsthalle Würth is a museum as contemporary as the art within

      • Location:
        • Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
      • Scale:
        • 3,565 m2 (38,000 ft2)
      • Year:
        • 2001
      • Status:
      • Client:
        • A. Würth GmbH & Co KG. Künzelsau
      • Services:
      • Team:
        • Eric Fritz (Local Architect), Rambol Berlin Statics (Mechanical Engineering)
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  • Built on the former site of a brewery, the Kunsthalle Würth balances a contrast with its medieval surroundings with the technical and curational needs of a contemporary exhibition space. Undeniably modern in form, the three-story building splits its top level in two to create a public plaza that extends toward the surrounding city. The museum welcomes its visitors with this open plaza, which frames a view toward the scenic St. Katharina Church on the opposite riverbank.

  • The building's key architectural feature is its large glass doors which make it possible to open up the museum towards the central square. From the elevated museum square, everyone can enjoy spectacular views of the town and the river. The square is our favorite place in Schwäbisch Hall. The interior design was constrained by both a specified maximum overall height and the ceiling of an already existing underground parking lot on which Kunsthalle Würth was erected. In contrast to the airy impression of the top floor with the picturesque view, the two exhibition levels below
    are directed inwards and present themselves as a sequence of junctions, passages and apertures. Smaller and larger rooms are suitable for different exhibition concepts.

    Contrasting with this open, lively top level, the lower two stories offer introspective space for exhibitions. The building’s reinforced concrete structure is clad in a local shell limestone, creating a visual parallel with surrounding architecture while offering new space for art within.