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    • IT University of Copenhagen

      The IT University's spaces are so attractive that students come from all over they city to they are used by students from all over the city to study in them. We believe that ample daylight combined with the open and informal study environment, is the reason students gather at the university.

      • Location
        • Copenhagen, Denmark
      • Client
        • Statens Forsknings- og Uddannelsesbygninger
      • Area
        • 19.000 m² (204.514 ft²)
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    • The IT University's five-story atrium extends throughout the length of the building. The students' activities are highlighted in the projected group and meeting rooms on all floors, forming a dynamic composition in the otherwise simple rooms. During daytime hours, the atrium is bathed in daylight. In the evening, it is illuminated by changing spotlights on the many white surfaces. The IT University has been honored with international citations and prizes, and is a pioneering project for many of our educational construction activities all over the world.

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