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  • Mekoprint

    The unique geometry of computer circuitry and technological components inspired the design of the Mekoprint production and administration facilities. The buildings stand subtly within the greater landscape, with exteriors designed to weather organically as time passes.

    • Location:
      • Støvring, Denmark
    • Client:
      • Mekoprint
    • Area:
      • 7,500 m²
    • Status:
    • Photos:
      • Pierre Chatel
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  • As the rising sun shines through the 80-meter long glass façade of the Mekoprint production hall, it filters through the circuitry patterns screen printed on the floor-to-ceiling windows, casting shadows mirroring the components produced within. For Mekoprint, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of electronic components, form reflects function. The low geometric designs of the production and assembly facilities draw inspiration from the printed circuitry of Mekoprint’s products, unobtrusive in the rolling landscape of Støvring, Denmark. Copper plate facades on the exteriors reference the conductive applications of the metal in electronics, developing a characteristic patina over time – allowing the buildings to gradually naturalize into their surroundings.