• CBS Porcelænshaven Campus

      A century-old warehouse in Copenhagen becomes a modern center of learning. Here, our design insights spring from historic foundations, a victory for sustainability, identity and local heritage.

      • Location:
        • Copenhagen, Denmark
      • Client:
        • Copenhagen Business School
      • Area:
        • 3,800 m² (40,000 ft²)
      • Status:
      • Services:
      • Team:
        • Moe & Brødsgård (Engineering)
      • Photos:
        • Kontraframe
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    • When Royal Copenhagen vacated its Frederiksberg porcelain plant in 2004, it left behind more than a century of local heritage in iconic Danish design. So when we transformed the plant’s raw materials warehouse into a new campus building for the Copenhagen Business School, our goal was to fit our philosophy on transparent, comfortable learning spaces into the existing historic framework. The new CBS campus building, Porcelænshaven, opened in 2009 as new life from old forms. A new glass façade reshapes the building’s south side, flooding the former warehouse’s new classrooms with ample natural daylight. Inside, preserved original masonry and exposed raw materials stand out as lingering mementos of local history. Here, innovation emerges from old foundations, a sustainable development weaving modern architectural insights into historic fabric.

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