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  • Videbæk Art Pavilion

    Videbæk Art Pavilion draws inspiration from traditional Japanese teahouses to create a simple, tranquil canvas for artistic expression.

    • Location:
      • Videbæk, Denmark
    • Client:
      • Erling Damgaard, Jan Holm Rasmussen
    • Area:
      • 1,130 m² (12,500 ft²)
    • Status:
    • Services:
    • Team:
      • Jørgen Holm, Søren Danielsen
    • Photos:
      • Kristine Mengel
      • Martin Schubert
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  • The Videbæk Art Pavilion is a medium, a bridge between gallery and garden. Inspired by the simplicity and natural settings of Japanese teahouses, the Videbæk pavilion translates the concept through a modern Scandinavian ethos. It forgoes embellishment to draw greater attention to its interior gallery spaces and surrounding gardens, blending the built and natural environments. Outside, the pavilion lip hangs over the adjacent pond, and the slanted columns of the exterior façade mirroring the shadows of sun filtered through tree branches. Inside, a clean white aesthetic and diffuse daylight direct attention to the art exhibitions curated within. Here, architecture serves art, a gesture intended to emphasize the world within and without.

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