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    • New Herlev Hospital

      The 56.000 m2 large extension will among others hold a new emergency room and a woman and child center including a pediatric and maternity ward.

      • Location:
        • Copenhagen, Denmark
      • Area:
        • 56,000 m2 / 603,000 ft2
      • Year:
        • 2011-2021
      • Status:
      • Client:
        • Herlev Hospital
      • Services:
      • Team:
        • Friis & Moltke
        • Brunsgaard & Laursen
        • Orbicon
        • Norconsult
        • NNE
        • Pharmaplan
        • SLA
      • Photography:
        • Laura Stamer
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  • The new facilities are situated in two circular buildings that balance on a rectangular base, containing the primary treatment facilities. The buildings’ inter-staggering creates several inviting outdoor spaces in human scale and provides a contrast to the existing hospital’s 120 meters high rectangular geometry.

    Our design is based on the documented healing benefits of nature and daylight for patients. At the new hospital, this knowledge is implemented through lush courtyards, green roof gardens, and a large, central green heart that acts as the lively center for the New Herlev Hospital.

  • For hospital patients, access to daylight and views to the outside world are crucial elements affecting their healing time. At the same time, it is important that patients are also able to have a private and intimate space for recovery. Striking this balance has been central to the design of the New Herlev Hospital. In the common rooms, daylight floods in and blurs the boundary between inside and outside as much as possible. On the contrary, patients’ rooms are outfitted with smaller window openings that are positioned so that patients have a view without having to be seen themselves.

    The Herlev Hospital also includes a multi religious center, which embraces the different needs and religious persuasions that the many diverse patients may have. Center for Reflection and Faith at Herlev Hospital which opened in 2019, and the new emergency room and a woman and child center including a pediatric and maternity ward opened two years later in 2021.