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    • Institute of Diplomatic Studies, Riyadh

      The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Institute of Diplomatic Studies in Riyadh is perhaps the greenest building in the desert city. Palms, bushes and trees create a fertile, cooling oasis in the building's atrium, as the setting for the future diplomats' studies.

      • Location
        • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
      • Client
        • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Arabia
      • Area
        • 46.000 m² (495.140 ft²)
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    • The Institute of Diplomatic Studies is closely linked to the neighboring iconic Ministry of Foreign Affairs building. In the new building, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs handles visa applications, diplomatic affairs and the training of future new diplomats, all under one roof. On the many indoor terraces, which extend across the full length of the building, students and employees from across the organization can meet. Like its neighbor, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Institute of Diplomatic Studies is surfaced with local limestone. The patterns on the spectacular facade allow daylight to slip in without letting the sun heat up the interior oasis.

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