• Klaksvík City Center

      An isolated, windswept industrial area in Klaksvík, the second-largest city in the Faroe Islands, is transformed into a vibrant city center, offering attractive urban spaces, residences, retail, and cultural facilities.

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    • Klaksvík City Center is taking shape by the end of the fjord where two mountainsides meet. Due to strong winds, this virtually deserted area has divided the city in two. Our design is developed around a central square, encircled by buildings that provide shelter from the island's infamous winds. The position and shape of the buildings are inspired by local building traditions, ensuring a calm and pleasant microclimate in the area. The new city center is divided into three zones – an urban zone with shops, cafés, and a library; a green zone with recreational amenities; and a blue zone with a cultural center, maritime museum, and promenade.

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