• Saxtorphsvej Integrated Daycare Center

      Wandering lines and playful design touches reflect childhood creativity, creating a space purpose-built for children to explore and connect.

      • Location:
        • Valby, Denmark
      • Client:
        • Copenhagen Municipality
      • Area:
        • 1,600 m2
      • Status:
      • Team:
        • Elindco Construction
        • Engineering: Henrik Larsen
        • Engineering: Anders Christensen
        • Landscape: Schul Landscape
      • Photos:
        • Kontraframe
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    • Broad windows facing the Saxtorphsvej Integrated Daycare Center’s outdoor play area stretch lower to the ground, comfortably accommodating the eye-level gaze of a four year old. Playful design touches like skewed rooflines and irregularly placed windows reflect the wandering sense of childhood creativity, defining a space purpose-built for youth. Brightly lit play areas encourage socialization and cooperative play between students, while cozy corner niches make space for quiet connections. Arranged as a network of classrooms, play areas and workshops focused around a central common area, the Saxtorphsvej Integrated Daycare Center exemplifies how youth-focused architecture can foster a communal, creative space for children.

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