• European Spallation Source (ESS)

      The world's largest and most advanced center for neutron-based research is developed in Lund, Southern Sweden. The architectural design is inspired by the physical processes taking place in the research center.

      • Location:
        • Lund, Sweden
      • Client:
        • ESS - European Spallation Source
      • Area:
        • 100,000 m² (1,076,391ft²)
      • Status
      • Services
      • Team:
        • Architects: Henning Larsen and COBE
        • Landscape architect: SLA
        • Engineers: Buro Happold, NNE Pharmaplan, and Transsolar
        • Consultant: Bent Lauritzen, Head of Division, Center for Nuclear Technologies, Radiation Physics
      • Certifications:
        • Pursuing BREEAM certification
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    • ESS, which primarily comprises a more than 500-meter long proton accelerator, is actually a giant microscope that can photograph and film single atoms of many different materials. The microscope operates by a process in which a target disc made of tungsten plays a central role. The heart of the research center stands out with a large circular roof above the hall where the tungsten disc is located. Around the research center, a campus consisting of laboratories, offices, and teaching facilities is developed. The design centers on creating healthy and efficient workspaces in combination with a world-class research environment. ESS is a pan-European project with participation of 17 countries.

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