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    • Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

      A school educating future leaders in one of Europe’s leading financial centers should encourage close interaction between students, faculty, and business community. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management has succeeded in doing just that.

      • Location:
        • Frankfurt, Germany
      • Area:
        • 42,000 m² (452,000 ft²)
      • Year:
        • 2017
      • Status:
      • Client:
        • Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
      • Services:
      • Team:
        • OSD, Solares Bauen, MOW Architekten, Man Made Land
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  • Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is buzzing with activity. Students, professors, and representatives from Frankfurt’s business community all meet in the publicly accessible inner streetscape ─ The Street of Knowledge. The street is a tribute to Die Zeil, Frankfurt’s grand old shopping street, and a symbol of the fusion between the city and school life. This is an educational institution with a focus on ambitious learning, research, and counseling, achieved by means of human interaction and knowledge sharing.


  • New Approaches to Learning

     Higher education learning is very much based on knowledge exchange among students outside traditional classrooms, through informal dialogue and social interaction.

    In order to promote varied learning, the design of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management offers a diverse spatial layout, reinventing traditional, hierarchical teaching.

    As a manifestation of the ambition to encourage learning outside the classrooms, the school comprises a rich variety of spaces, covering 61 spaces for teamwork and informal encounters, 38 seminar rooms, 11 intimate lecture rooms shaped like amphitheaters, and 1 auditorium.

    "I am deeply convinced that personal encounters between people are of great value for an economic university like the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. That is why our new campus is centered around communication and openness. It is a place for ambitious learning, research, and consulting, which acts like a magnet and will give us a great boost on our way to becoming one of the best business schools in Europe," says Professor Dr. Udo Steffens, President of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

  • Daylight Improves Performance

    Henning Larsen designs educational institutions world-wide, all with a strong focus on human interaction and natural daylight.

    A report by World Green Building Council from 2013 concludes that students achieve 5-14 % higher test scores and learn 20-26 % faster when taught in rooms lit by natural daylight.

    In Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, a spectacular skylight, combined with a displaced positioning of the five towers, creates an optimal flow of natural daylight inside the building.

    As architects, we know that light is one of the most important factors in learning. It helps improve our focus and performance. My hope and ambition is that the varied, daylight-filled spaces in Frankfurt School of Finance & Management will highly contribute to the vital task of educating a future workforce who will excel within each their specialist field and give something back to the city of Frankfurt,” says Louis Becker, Partner and Design Principal at Henning Larsen.