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    • Jotun’s Waterside Headquarters

      Transparent waterfront facades put the redesigned offices and development center in closer contact with the city of Sandefjord.

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  • For decades, the Jotun headquarters have been a familiar presence to the whaling and merchant ships sailing into Sandefjord harbor. Rising directly on the water’s edge, the headquarters represent an integral part of Sandefjord’s heritage and economy. Now, our redesign of the Jotun head offices puts the company in closer touch with its surroundings.

    Built on the same location as the old complex, the new headquarters introduce internal renovations to existing structures, and modern sustainability measures through new buildings. Broad glass facades flood interior spaces with daylight from the adjacent fjord, illuminating a varied complex of conference rooms, private offices and research facilities. This transparency works both ways – Now open to the waterway and greater Sandefjord, the Jotun headquarters reemerge as a more active part of its home city.