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    • Stuttgart Visitor and Media Center

      What do you do when you need more space, but are domiciled a listed building, situated in protected landscape? You build underground.

      • Adress
        • Stuttgart, Baden Württemberg, Tyskland
      • Client
        • Land Baden-Württemberg
      • Area
        • 2.800 m² / 30138 ft²
      • Status
      • Services
      • Team
        • Engineer: Knippers Heiberg, Stuttgart
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    • The parliament of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany is subject to increasing pressure on its administrative facilities. School classes, conference guests and the press are all crowding into the listed building, causing unnecessary disruption to the work of politicians and government officials. We have therefore designed a new visitor and media center, to ensure the harmonious co-existence of effective administration, the schools service and meeting activities. The visitor center is designed as an outdoor amphitheater, with reference to this location's significance for democracy. The actual stage of the amphitheater can be used for technical presentations, political debates and cultural events, while the building's actual functions, such as the foyer, exhibition and conference facilities, are placed underground, peripheral to the amphitheater.

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