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  • Polaris - Havnebryggen

    The view and the proximity to the water and nature make the residential area on the southern edge of Islands Brygge a special place in the city. But the potential of the place is also its biggest challenge.

    • Location:
      • Copenhagen, Denmark
    • Client:
      • Pension Danmark
    • Area:
      • 14,600m² (157,153ft²)
    • Status:
    • Services:
    • Team:
      • NCC Danmark A/S, Engineering (Engineer), NCC Danmark A/S (Contractor)
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  • On a sunny, windless day, the park at Islands Brygge is a favorite spot for many Copenhageners. When it is windy, the park is deserted - the same goes for balconies and terraces. Our vision for the development of Islands Brygge Syd was therefore to create the basis for a cohesive urban district with good outdoor spaces and lots of life between the houses - regardless of the weather.

    Here, our microclimate experts play a crucial role. The master plan defines a number of urban spaces that will be of great importance to the entire district, for example the promenade and the central square, which will be a local gathering points for the residents.

  • Inside, the apartments are designed with a focus on flexibility, allowing residents to adapt and design their space to suit their individual needs. With balconies and large windows in every apartment, there is never a shortage of light - even on dark winter days. 

    The first of a total of five plots in the new residential area extends over an area of ​​14,600 m² with an associated courtyard, raised on a plinth that welcomes passers-by. The plinth steps down towards the promenade and forms seating niches, from which the life of the harbor can be observed.