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  • Vinge City and Train Station

    Vinge is Denmark's largest urban development project and the most recent addition to the “Finger Plan”, a strategy for the development of the Greater Copenhagen Area. Sustainable by design, the city pays tribute to nature and human diversity.

    • Location:
      • Frederikssund, Denmark
    • Client:
      • Municipality of Frederikssund
    • Area:
      • 3,500,000 m² (37,673,702 ft²)
    • Status:
    • Services:
    • Team:
      • Landscape arhitect: TREDJE NATUR
      • Engineer: MOE
      • Specialist consultant: Railway Procurement Agency (RPA)
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  • Nature is an integrated part of Vinge. The city is built around a new train station, centrally located in a green wedge that connects the city across the tracks. Rooted in state-of-the-art research on microclimate and environment, the design of Vinge is based on a planning scheme in which building volumes are higher and denser around the station, and lower and more scattered on the outskirts of the city. This makes Vinge a healthy and pleasant place to live and work. The broad architectural vocabulary covers residences, institutions, and workplaces. While developed to create a diverse selection of green recreational spaces, the landscape design also serves as a natural resource to manage rainwater.