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    • Damsgård School

      The Damsgård Primary School was designed with the ambition of creating an accessible, inclusive, and sustainable educational facility in Bergen. Located in the city’s diverse western borough of Laksevåg, the school aims to create a space that invites interaction, dialogue, and curiosity, both during and after school hours.

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  • The design of the Damsgård school provides spaces for learning and play for children of different ages, needs, and abilities. Dedicated communal spaces and outdoor play areas for each grade level accommodate the range of needs in a school that houses students in grades 1 through 7. Inside the school, graphic wall elements and decorations from different cultures pay tribute to the school district’s diversity and forge a sense of pride and inclusion in the school’s identity.

  • Flexible learning spaces that allow for different teaching methods and group sizes ensure the longevity of the school for future pedagogical models. At the school’s physical and social center is the full-height atrium, connecting the common areas, teaching spaces, and administrative offices across three floors. It’s cascading, angled layout allows for varying degrees of protection and independence for the students.

    Special attention was paid to the terrain to ensure stepless access between the indoors and outdoors. To the south, the building nestles into the mountainous Bergen terrain to create an enclosed playground area, while also acting as a protective noise barrier towards the sea-facing north.

    The Damsgård school surpassed the municipality’s environmental ambitions, achieving passive house standard and using solar cells and panels. To achieve optimal energy use, the school incorporates both technical and organizational solutions. By allowing only parts of the school to be used at a time, overall energy consumption is further curbed.