• Solrødgaard Water Treatment Plant

    This open, green-roofed water treatment plant in Hillerød is fit for a picnic, putting the local community face to face with their use of resources.

    • Location:
      • Hillerød, Denmark
    • Area:
      • 12,800 m2
    • Client:
      • Hillerød Municipality
    • Team:
      • Gottlieb Paludan, Jakobsen & Blindkilde, Orbicon, DHI and Hillerød Spildevand.
    • Status:
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  • The Solrødgård Water Treatment Plant is nearly invisible in the surrounding landscape. It defies the aesthetic and olfactory presence commonly associated with such a facility – Instead of industrial form, the plant is literally embedded in the countryside, its inner workings hidden under a grassy roof. A landscaped pedestrian channel runs through the center of the plant, drawing visitors with floor-to-ceiling glass facades that put the water reclamation process on public display. The design cuts into the landscape to look within, creating a contrast between the natural water cycle and the physical processes that support our communities. Creating public appeal around a public utility, the design allows visitors to form a personal connection to how their community uses and reuses natural resources. The facility is part of a 50-hectare, 1 billion-DKK masterplan, the Solrødgård Climate, and Environment Park, which aims to spark local conversations on resource use and climate awareness by creating public appeal within a municipal infrastructure. Designed to support future growth in and around Hillerød, the water treatment plant provides recreation, a connection to nature, and an everyday education in climate awareness.

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