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  • Gothenburg City Gate

    A beacon of refreshed identity for Gothenburg, the City Gate tower pushes upward as a visible symbol for new innovation and growth in Sweden’s second largest city.

    • Location:
      • Gothenburg, Sweden
    • Client:
      • Skanska
    • Area:
      • 50,000 m² (431,000 ft²)
    • Status:
    • Services:
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  • For centuries, city gates have been a symbol of city identity. From Babylon to Lübeck, gates express the tone of the city within, defining a visitor’s first impression of a city’s size and character. In Gothenburg, our City Gate tower updates the concept to reflect a modern city. Expected to rise 35 stories, the 50,000 m2 tower will become a defining element of the city skyline, visible from kilometers away – a beacon of progress and development in the historic Swedish industry port. Incorporating public outdoor terraces, co-working offices and floors of commercial space, the City Gate tower will become as much an asset to Gothenburg residents as it will to the city’s identity.