• National Museum Jamtli

      The new extension to Jamtli Museum is a perceptive synthesis of innovation and tradition ─ a new Nordic timber house saturated with daylight, engaging in close dialog with the existing museum.

      • Location:
        • Östersund, Sweden
      • Client:
        • National Museum NORR
      • Area.
        • 800 m² (8,600 ft²)
      • Status:
      • Services:
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    • With its timber-clad facades and deep skylights, allowing the soft Nordic daylight to permeate the exhibition halls, National Museum Norr stands out as a modern interpretation of the classic Swedish timber houses and gives the area identity and character. Our extension adds modern workshop facilities and flexible exhibition halls to the open-air museum, which has existed for more than a hundred years. The aim is to attract tourists with an interest in art and design to Östersund, contributing to the town's economic growth and development.

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