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    • Salling Rooftop Aarhus

      Finding space for a 2,000 m2 outdoor venue in the middle of the city is a no simple feat. To accomplish this, the project taps into one of the city’s most underutilized resources-- its “fifth façade”—to create a new urban destination above the city skyline. From the Salling Rooftop, the geographic story of Aarhus unfolds in front of visitors, with views to the City Hall, University, Cathedral, and Aarhus Bay.

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  • The Salling Rooftop sits atop one of Aarhus’s most popular shopping destination, the Salling Department Store, on the city’s busiest pedestrian street. The rooftop brings the vibrancy of Strøget up to its rooftop, where visitors are met with panoramic views of the city, an outdoor restaurant, and abundant seating to enjoy the scenery. Within the first three month of its opening, the rooftop attracted over half a million visitors and has grown into a beloved destination for tourists and locals alike. The rooftop not only delivers an expanded experience for shoppers, but a new type or urban space above the city’s streets.

  • Like most urban rooftops, the one above Salling was not built with the intention of recreational use. What was originally a decision to simply expand the small café on the rooftop became a complete redesign of the space, complete with a terraced seating areas, pocket gardens, stage area, and a glass skywalk that looks down onto the city street below.

    Based on the project’s popularity in Aarhus and the successful collaboration with Dansk Supermarked Group, the rooftop was repeated for Salling’s Aalborg location the year after.