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    • Bicycle Hotel Oslo S

      The Bicycle Hotel at Oslo’s Central Station is the first bicycle parking of its kind in Oslo, offering all commuters and travelers a secure indoor space to leave their bicycles. The City of Oslo has begun to implement Bicycle Hotels in various places throughout the city in order to make it easier to combine cycling with public transportation. With a convenient space for bicycle parking, seamlessly integrated into the urban fabric of the city, the Bicycle Hotel breaks down the barriers for active mobility.

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  • The source of inspiration for the project is the early 20th century painting by Italian futurist Umberto Baccioni, "Dynamism of a Cyclist", which shows the era’s fascination with speed, modern transportation, and the dynamics of movement. The visual effect created by the wooden panels and arcs of light contribute to an illusion of mobility in the Bicycle Hotel.

    As a completely enclosed building, the playful use of artificial lighting is essential to the visual experience of the Bicycle Hotel. Diffuse light lines are recessed in the wooden construction and are combined with direct lighting which creates a light and shadow play on the floor with clear allusions to daylight. The dynamic lighting is programmed to continuously change overtime. The two lighting systems provide variation between vertical and horizontal surfaces in the room, which is also visible from the outdoor area through the glass doors.