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    • Jurong Eco Garden

      Envisioned to be the first business park set in a tropical rainforest, the Jurong Eco Garden plays an important role in spear-heading Singapore’s efforts to be a leader in the global thrust towards sustainability.

      • Location:
        • Singapore
      • Year:
        • 2009-2012
      • Client:
        • Jurong Town Council
      • Area:
        • 50ha (5 ha central green)
      • Status:
      • Services:
      • Team:
        • Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl (Sustainable Business Park, Water Sensitive Urban Design, Bio-Engineering)
        • Surbana International Consultants Pte. Ltd. (Engineer)
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  • The Jurong Eco Garden spans a 50 hectare site, with a 5 hectares green core situated at its heart. Designed to be its lungs, the green core provides a place of respite for both the human inhabitants as well as the ecology of the site. Building clusters are organized to have an urban front on one side, and a forest front on the other. Existing eco-habitats, including grassland, woodlands and peats, are retained as much as possible. Existing wildlife species were documented and a natural wildlife corridor connecting the site to the larger surrounding environment is enhanced through additional planting that provides food and habitat for them. The natural topography is retained and natural water elements are implemented to support the existing hydrological flow of the site – bio-swales purify rainwater while channeling it from the roadside drains into the central core, where it will be retained in a swamp and circulated through a cleansing biotope for further purification, before being reused for toilet-flushing.

    A deep respect for nature underlies this holistic design approach. It reflects mankind’s desire of not only coexisting sustainably with nature but engaging with and learning from it.