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    • Uppsala Town Hall

      Uppsala Town Hall engages in dialog with the citizens, inviting them into the heart of municipal government. Past, present, and future are combined in an extension which fulfills the original architectural vision.

      • Location:
        • Uppsala, Sweden
      • Area:
        • 25,000 m² (269,097 ft²), extension 13,500 m² (145,312 ft²)
      • Year:
        • 2020
      • Status:
      • Client:
        • Uppsala Municipality
      • Services:
      • Team:
        • Landscape architect: SLA
        • Engineer: Tyréns
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  • Openness and transparency characterize the architectural expression as well as the activity-based work environment that unfolds across new and old buildings at Uppsala Town Hall. A public arcade through the town hall leads to the central, glass-roofed courtyard, which features a citizen service center, cafĂ©, restaurant, shops, and exhibition facilities. This unique space will become a new natural meeting place in Uppsala. At the center of it all is a sculptural building volume which frames the municipal council chambers and other meeting activities in the building. Walkways connect the extension with the existing organization and revitalize the original architectural intention to create a closed block structure with a beating heart.

    "Our vision is a modern, inviting town hall that promotes dialog with the citizens, and which is a functional workplace and a meeting place for residents, public officials, and politicians. We also wish to preserve the town hall's original architectural value. I think that the winning proposal has succeeded in resolving this equation in a very elegant way."

    Marlene Burwick, Mayor of Uppsala Municipality