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    • Central Lindholmen

      On the docks along the largest port in Scandinavia, new life is taking shape. The Central Lindholmen masterplan lays the foundation for new life in Gothenburg, making space for students, innovators, and future investment.

      • Location:
        • Gothenburg, Sweden
      • Area:
        • 10 Hectares (24 Acres)
      • Year:
        • 2025
      • Status:
      • Client:
        • Älvstranden Development, Chalmers Fastigheter
      • Services:
      • Team:
        • SLA (Landscape)
        • COWI (Engineer)
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  • Gothenburg is growing. Still the largest port in Scandinavia, the city has begun to explore new developments beyond its legacy as the epicenter for Nordic trade and manufacturing. As new communities of students, entrepreneurs and tech-companies emerge in Gothenburg, our Centrala Lindholmen urban plan gives physical form to this new side of the city. Reclaiming former industrial dockland, Centrala Lindholmen brings residences, creative and commercial space designed to support a growing Gothenburg population of academics and startups.

    Our strategic building massing creates a temperature-regulated, wind-shielded microclimate in pedestrian thoroughfares, establishing a more comfortable social commons for the city. Centrala Lindholmen builds on local legacy to support new growth, a modern community reflecting global trends.