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    • Etobicoke Civic Center

      Toronto City Council wanted to rethink their municipal identity completely. Our response to this challenge is a flexible, diverse mixture of outdoor spaces and buildings, designed to extend summer by five weeks.

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  • Canada’s largest city wished to bring city and citizens closer together in an official, yet intimate setting. Etobicoke Civic Center thus breaks with the traditional idea of one city hall building and one city hall square. Instead, we have created a varied tapestry of squares, courtyards, and buildings in different scales, fostering community and interaction among the citizens of Toronto and municipal employees alike. The design embraces the needs of everyone.

    In addition to a citizen services center, the building comprises a daycare center and a library, and all functions are designed to be easily accessible for everyone. We have conducted in-depth studies of the local microclimate in order to optimize the comfort of the various outdoor spaces. The Canadian climate is complex and rough at times. By means of thorough microclimatic examinations, we have managed to extend the outdoor season by five weeks.