• The Biotope

      Lush rooftop gardens and ample natural sunlight blend the boundaries between the built and organic. Here, the outside world comes in – an urban sanctuary of green wellness.

      • Location:
        • Lille, France
      • Year:
        • 2020
      • Client:
        • Métropole Européenne de Lille
      • Area:
        • 30.000m² (330,000 ft²)
      • Status:
      • Services:
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    • At the Biotope, the natural world is rarely out of reach. The building layout prioritizes access to daylight, fresh air, and green space: Broad skylights flood atriums with sunlight, open-air balconies line lush courtyard gardens, and a terraced green roof covers the building footprint. Our design draws on the natural world to bring heightened wellness into the workplace – On the day to day, employees can find fresh air, tranquility and repose in the building’s green space. The name ‘Biotope’ takes root in Greek, meaning “place of life” – Meant to reflect the building’s emphasis on sustainable materials and green space. Designed after a conceptual vision of a ripple of glass, light and vegetation, the Biotope reflects the mission of a design that creates space for health and renewal as a former candidate for the new the European Medicines Agency.

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