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  • The history of Gdansk is intangibly tied to its maritime tradition. In transforming the city’s Imperial Shipyard into a new junction of urban life, the waterfront area’s seafaring history anchors its new future. The Plaza is located near the famous Sala BHP building, a tribute to its location of the 1980 Gdansk Agreement, a victory for the worker’s movement. Here you may find ice skating in the winter, and market days in the summer. The Park brings a lush, urban forest for visitors to enjoy a green respite within an urban surrounding. The Dock, along the waterfront, represents the heart of Gdansk: It connects the shipyard to the city center and serves as a lively swimming pool with purified water.

  • Breathing Life Into the City

    Why wait until construction breaks to revitalize the area? Before breaking ground at Gdansk, the area will be densely planted with sunflower fields – A natural method of removing pollutants from the soil, remnants from the area’s industrial past. Natural filtration will also help cleanse the water along the docks, ensuring the at the canals can be enjoyed during warm weather. By reviving the natural life before beginning construction, we hope to give the people of Gdansk more reason to make the Imperial Shipyards the new heart of urban life.

    We will also ensure the water in the canals can be enjoyed by all on hot days by cleansing it through natural forms of filtration. By reviving the natural area before breaking construction, we hope to give the people of Gdansk a reason to visit the shipyard earlier to enjoy the beautiful sunflowers or take a dip in the canal.