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    • Belfast Waterside

      How do you create a vibrant, evergreen community that stimulates the economy and delivers comfortable everyday life? By grounding urban life in nature, and mirroring local landscapes through architecture.

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  • Sharp seasonal winds along the River Lagan leave only nine weeks out of the year for comfortable outdoor climates in Belfast. Drawing from the iconic hexagonal basalt columns of the Giant’s Causeway formations, we’ve created an urban canyon where buildings rise upward in volume from the riverbank, guiding drafts over rooftops rather than through the streets. With this wind deflection, the comfortable outdoor season extends to 25 weeks out of the year. Only ten minutes from the Belfast city center, the River Lagan will no longer be a barrier to urban life, but a point of connection and community. Guiding architecture through local landscapes creates a personal connection between residents and the natural world, and shapes a comfortable, lively community along the reinvigorated Belfast Waterside.