• Gjaí Kindergarten

      Where early learning grows from Faroese soil. New GJÁI Kindergarten blends outdoor and indoor spaces to encourage a learning experience rooted in the natural landscape

      • Location:
        • Gøtugjógv, Faroe Islands
      • Year:
        • 2020 (expected)
      • Client:
        • Eystur Municipality
      • Area:
        • 1,300 m² (14,000 ft²)
      • Status:
      • Services:
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    • Hiking up into the mountains overlooking the Faroe Islands’ Eystur Municipality, one might miss the new GJÁI kindergarten, quietly embedded in the sloping foothills. The split-level school follows the volcanic mountainside as it rises up from the coast, creating a seamless gradient between the natural and built environment. Surrounding grasses spill onto the school’s planted green rooftops, offering a modern iteration of traditional Faroese green-roofed buildings. For some 100 young students, the kindergarten will provide a learning space that draws from Faroese natural and cultural history to encourage active exploration of the world around them.

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