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    • Tibble 2.0

      A 292,000 m² masterplan in Täby Municipality establishes comfortable outdoor spaces for urban life to flourish, with education, collaboration and recreation taking center stage

      • Location:
        • Täby, Sweden
      • Area (GFA):
        • 350,000m² (3,800,000 ft²)
      • Year:
        • 2025
      • Status:
      • Client:
        • Täby Municipality
      • Team:
        • SLA, COWI and Second City.
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  • Täby Municipality’s active locals define the buzzing community outside Stockholm – Recreation, education, nature, and entrepreneurship are key components of daily life.

    Now, these elements will become the groundwork for a new incubator of urban life, providing energy and power for an identity known far beyond Täby's city limits. Henning Larsen’s urban masterplan, Tibble 2.0, shapes buildings and landscapes to bring the community together in comfortable outdoor spaces: By artificially extending the warm season through strategic building massing, lowering the wind chill factor and increasing the amount of interior sunlight throughout the year, nature takes a greater role in the social scene. New collaborative spaces, called the Tibble Jewels, are hotspots for connection: Flexible workplaces and meeting rooms, experimental labs, exhibition and event facilities, a media theater and a food court offer new settings for innovation. Proposing a fresh angle on urban life, recreation, and professional living, the Tibble 2.0 city center offers more democratic and accessible space for creative collaboration.