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    • Farum Midtpunkt

      The iconic cubic rooftop terraces of Farum Midpunkt have stood out as an inspiration for generations of architects. Now after almost 50 years, the landscape has been transformed to reflect the needs of a new generation of residents—creating a welcoming outdoor space for the community and the greater Farum area.

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  • Farum Midpunkt in Denmark’s Zealand Region was built in the 1970’s as an experimental social housing project that combined the privacy of single- family homes with an abundance of shared outdoor and recreational spaces. Originally designed to be a closed community within the city of Farum, with recreational spaces intended only for local residents’ use, the new landscape strategy for Farum Midpunkt opens up to the surrounding areas. 

    The landscape design reflects close engagement with residents, who desired to create a stronger connection between Farum Midpunkt and the nearby communities. As a result, the new recreational spaces create room for both organized and informal interactions of all kinds-- from skateboarding and roller-skating to football and rock-climbing.

    The design establishes a new entrance gate, a welcome area, and activity park, in an open gesture towards neighboring residents. Stronger connections between the building were made through elevated pathways hovering over wild plant growth and a lighting concept to support wayfinding and a sense of security into the night. The project aims to create a more urban thoroughfare in Farum Midpunkt that is a destination for local nature lovers, school children, as well as pedestrians.