• Ostrava Concert Hall

      Henning Larsen’s light-filled, porous design was named runner-up in an international competition to build a new concert hall in the Czech city of Ostrava.

      • Services:
      • Location:
        • Ostrava, Czech Republic
      • Client:
        • City of Ostrava
      • Status:
      • Team:
        • Acoustics: Nagata Acoustics
        • Engineers: Buro Happold
        • Theatre Consultants: dUCKS Sceno
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    • The design proposal transforms the stoic walls of the midcentury Ostrava House of Culture into a fluid and inviting space for visitors, or those simply passing by. The open concrete frames cascade into the existing structure to direct concertgoers inside while also creating an extended stage for play, practice, or rest.

  • Inside, the visual connection to the outdoors is never lost; the building’s ribs envelop rather than enclose a green indoor café and trees peek out through the large window in the circular concert hall. Through a simple geometric motif, the traditional themes of cultural institutions are upended: a restricted space invites in the public and the intensity of the concert hall becomes a serene site for contemplation. 

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