• Stevns Klint Visitor Center

      In the design proposal for a visitor center at Stevns Klint, dramatic seaside cliffs and geological history are observed through quiet spaces of white chalk and pale wood.

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        • Stevns, Denmark
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        • Stevns Klint Visitor Center
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  • The Stevns Klint Vistor Center, located on a UNESCO heritage site in Denmark’s Zealand region, is both a tribute to the land’s history and a site for everyday recreation. The visitor center’s slopping walls frame the expansive ocean views while pedestrian and cyclist paths bring visitors into the landscape.

  •  The design, which includes an expansion of an existing chalk barn and a new exhibition building, is set into the cliff’s topography and continues the material language of the area, creating a discrete addition to the landscape. These two buildings and programmatic functions allow for appreciation of the cliff’s grandeur while recreational paths and informational exhibitions offer visitors a more intimate experience. 

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