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    • Campus Lundby

      Volvo Campus Lundby aims to create not just an attractive workplace for Volvo Group employees, but to serve as a meeting place where various departments, external researchers, and students can meet to exchange ideas and share experiences

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  • The campus concept centers around the dichotomies at the heart of the Volvo mission and the creative frictions these dichotomies generate: between vehicles and mobility, secrecy, and openness, between serendipitous interactions found in cities and the seamless circulation of designed spaces. Volvo Campus Lundby aims to mine these frictions to create a working space that provides a working environment that suits a range of needs and goals.

    Volvo Campus Lundby is designed as a hub for next-generation transport solutions - a meeting place where Volvo Group’s staff in Gothenburg, totaling about 10,000 persons, and an estimated 5,000 employees of partner companies, researchers and students can get together and exchange ideas and experiences.

    The hilly site provides the opportunity to embed spaces for cross sectional interaction into the landscape itself. Circulation crosses the site horizontally and vertically with key functions placed at the crossroads of the paths to facilitate easy collaboration and meeting.

    Campus Lundby functions not as a walled city but as a new neighborhood within Gothenburg: public transit, bicycle lanes, and connections via the river all continue through the site, making it fundamentally open to all. This openness is a key tenet of both Henning Larsen’s and Volvo’s Scandinavian roots. Volvo Campus Lundby builds on the community trust, access for all, and openness that is at the heart of Nordic culture.