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    • Coop City

      Coop City will become a new central neighborhood of Albertslund grounded in Coops' ambitious values in relation to sustainability, community, democracy and set guidelines for context-based development of the area with respect for the cultural environment.

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  • Coop City will be developed into an attractive dense district on a human scale with diversity in architecture - this in a respectful combination and taking inspiration from the existing 1960's architecture. Coop City will be a new neighborhood where residents and employees of Coop's headquarters will live in close symbiosis centered around communities and nature.

    Coops' philosophy about building a community around food and its production has been a major inspiration for the project. The starting point for the masterplan project was a vision written based on input from a participatory process and thorough analyses of the site and its context: morphologies, urban functions, existing and potential links with other areas, landscape types, and local microclimate.

    Coop City will be a green district in all its facets. The green public spaces will be used for local rainwater harvesting and rain gardens. The vegetation and newly planted trees will contribute to biodiversity and allow for ecosystem services. The urban spaces will be designed in a way that allows the users to enjoy and learn about nature. The existing building's mass and materials on site has potential to be reused. The community-based neighborhood of Coop City has been DGNB Gold certified.

  • Human scale and experience from eye level have been the two major drivers for the project. The built environment is designed to make an exhilarating experience from the users' perspective by playing with the different scales, building's typologies, and using tactile and warm materials close to ground level where people are.

    The variation of scale and typologies also allow for different housing types and ways of life i.e., generation houses, student housing, family housing with the possibility of extended communal functions. Albertslund has a long tradition in working with safe school routes and infrastructure for cyclists. Coop City build upon this tradition by limiting the infrastructure for cars and prioritizing bike and pedestrian movement. The parking for cars is placed in the perimeter of the site, to decrease their presence within the district. This leaves a lot of the public spaces, car-free or with traffic that moves in the speed of a pedestrian.