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    • Aarhus ReWater

      To change the conversation around resource use, ReWater had to be more than just a normal water treatment plant. In addition to the ambition of being the world’s most resource-efficient wastewater treatment plant, Aarhus ReWater creates a new green destination close to the city, the ocean, and everyday life.

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  • In just a few years, the existing plant will no longer have the capacity to purify the wastewater from the rapidly increasing population of Aarhus. With little room available to expand the existing facility, a new one will be built at the cutting edge of wastewater treatment design and technology at the Aarhus Harbor.

    Contrary to conventional practice, the plant will invite the public in, creating a new destination in the city that shows the potential for turning waste into a resource. In addition to purifying wastewater and contributing to a cleaner Aarhus Bay, the plant will be able to produce surplus energy in addition to substances such as nutrients, food, and resources for industrial production. The design of the plant emphasizes flexibility in order to accommodate evolving future needs, technology, and capacity. Aarhus Rewater uses flexible, modular structures that can be reconfigured and disassembled for repurposing.