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    • Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library

      Situated on the western edge of Medora, atop a butte, the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library will mark the western edge of the town. We propose creating a new gateway to the town of Medora by aligning the entrances to both the future Presidential Library and the National Park’s South Unit.

      • Location
        • Medora, North Dakota, US
      • Size
        • 6,320 m² / 68,000 ft²
      • Year
        • 2020 -
      • Services
      • Client
        • Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation
      • Status:
      • Team
        • Nelson Byrd Woltz
        • Sherwood Design Engineers
        • Integral Group
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  • We envision the Library in four volumes emerging from the plateau of a butte. Each reaches out to a specific experience within the landscape expressing itself through materials and gestures akin to the geologic formations of the Badlands.

    Beneath the surface of the butte the four volumes are connected to facilitate a multi-faceted and continuous narrative trail. The plateau of the butte intertwined with the four structures becomes activated - trails running through and out of the library, connections to the Maah Daah Hey Trail, into the Badlands and Medora.

    The TRPL is designed as a coherent, partly submerged structure. The structure reveals itself as 4 pavilions on the site that seemingly emerge from the landscape. Each pavilion relates to a specific experience in the landscape and is part of the continuous narrative journey. The landscape flows effortlessly through the site allowing all to be part of the TRPL experience. The layout of the building allows it to be easily adapted and scaled without compromising the design intent.

  • The design principles for the Theodore Presidential Library combines the visitors experience with the grandeur of the Badlands. The hero`s journey is transformed from a linear diagram to a completely immersive experience that is informed by this incredible site. It is the vistas, trails, smells and sounds that will make the visitors journey a very personal one. 

  • More than a traditional Presidential Library

    Theodore Roosevelt’s immense spirit, forged in the Badlands of North Dakota, exerted a global influence as he elevated the prestige of the United States on the world stage and made the country a global power.

    He believed in the exportation of American values and ideals and their power as an ennobling effect on the world. The Library will rekindle this spirit and engage regional, national, and international visitors.