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    • Novo Nordisk Global Headquarters

      Novo Nordic is an organization with employees in more than 77 countries. This is why the headquarters is a building where no one sits with their back to colleagues abroad.

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    • Novo is synonymous with global leadership and innovation within the treatment of diabetes. We have created a circular headquarter where employees and management always have the feeling of being connected to the surrounding world. A spiral staircase winds through the building from the foyer at ground level reaching the executive offices at the top floor. A spectacular skylight lends a view to the sky and sheds a beautiful natural daylight in the entire atrium space. Our choice of sustainable materials, mainly from Scandinavia, contributes to a healthy indoor climate and work environment. The headquarters is located in a green park in the heart of the Novo campus. It brings together the administrative staff and management of the pharmaceutical company in a striking sustainable building.

    • Healthy indoor climate

      The materials strategy is vital to achieving an optimum indoor climate and a healthy working environment for employees.

      The materials for the Novo Nordisk building were therefore closely aligned and selected on the basis of knowledge of resource efficiency and environmental impacts, in order to protect nature as much as possible.

      All of the timber products in the building are FSC-certified, and to avoid transport over long distances, materials primarily from Scandinavia and Northern Europe were used. In close collaboration between architects and engineers, a ceiling type that supports displacement ventilation was developed. This ensures a steady exchange of air and minimizes drafts. The use of indoor silicate paint reduces degasification in the building.

    • Modern workplaces

      The design of the workplaces in the Novo Nordisk building reflects the wish for continuous learning and development.

      The working environment is based on the company's values and promotes knowledge sharing and interdisciplinary cooperation, in order to increase innovation and effectiveness within the organization.

      A flexible and open floor plan enhances employees' influence on the planning of their working day, contributing to natural interaction between colleagues. In one department, the Group is experimenting with a completely free working environment in which none of the employees have fixed workstations. Henning Larsen has developed a design guide for the use of materials and colors at the head office. The building's architecture and design have set the direction for Novo Nordisk's new offices all over the world.    

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