• Campus Ås

    Norway’s largest university building is a hub for learning and knowledge sharing. The 63,000-m² facility houses biomedical research laboratories and academic facilities, answering specialized technical demands through sustainable means.

    • Location:
      • Oslo, Norway
    • Client:
      • Statsbygg
    • Area:
      • 63,000 m² (680,000 ft²)
    • Team
      • Arkitekter: Henning Larsen Architects og Fabel Arkitekter
      • Lanskabsarkitekter: Link Landskap
      • Laboratorier: NNE Pharmaplan
      • Rådgivende ingeniører: Multiconsult, NNE Pharmaplan og Hjellnes Consult
    • Status:
    • Services:
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  • Campus Ås is the largest university building in Norway. Here, the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Norwegian Veterinary Institute, and a state biomedical research facility gather under one roof. Between animal operating theaters, secure research laboratories and sunlit common areas, the 63,000 m2 facility emerges from a menu of wide-ranging and exacting logistical requirements. With a common courtyard at the heart of Campus Ås, its core is a meeting place for different disciplines, a setting for researchers, students and guests to meet, share knowledge, and find new inspiration. The most technically advanced state project in Norway’s university sector reflects a ten-year collaborative design dialogue. In close consultation with Campus Ås’ users, an international advisory panel and 120 specialized engineers, we have collaboratively shaped a facility with the requisite infrastructure to support an ambitious confluence of academics and specialized research. Campus Ås delivers balances technical demands with sustainable measures – the facility’s energy consumption is anticipated to be 25 to 50 percent lower than the Norwegian TEK10 sustainable construction standards. The product of a cooperative development dialogue, specialized logistical planning and a Scandinavian emphasis on livable, practical design, Campus Ås exemplifies sustainable investment in biomedical innovation.

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