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    • Nordea's Headquarters in Denmark

      Nordea is a prominent Nordic Bank. Built on a base of slate with scintillating, transparent facades, the bank sets new standards for work in the financial sector by providing an approachable environment that opens up to the city.

      • Address
        • Copenhagen, Denmark
      • Client
        • Nordea Properties
      • Area
        • 46,600 m² (502,000 ft²)
      • Status
      • Services
      • Team
        • Investors: Pension Danmark. Lægernes Pension and Nordea Life & Pensions
        • Landscape: SLA
        • Workspace: Signal
        • Engineering: Cowi
        • Contractors: MT Hoejgaard
      • Certification
        • Pursuing LEED Platinum
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    • With a tribute to the great Nordic landscapes, the new Nordea Headquarters rises like a sparkling giant ice block on a charcoal slate base. The crystalline facade allows daylight to flow through the building and is a key component in the vision of creating transparency between employees, clients and the surrounding city. Passersby can glance in from the outside and witness life and work within the building. The headquarters consists of two masses with indoor atrium spaces. One wing houses Scandinavia’s largest trading floor with a capacity of 600 traders, the other buzzes with life and energy sparked by activity between employees and clients.

    • The Bank Meets the City

      Nordea’s new headquarter has been designed with the objective of creating a transparent house that meets the city in a welcoming manner.

      Despite the security levels indispensable to a financial institution, we have created a building where the public has visual access to life and work inside the bank, to conference rooms and offices.

      The reception is located in a publicly accessible inner streetscape with views to the sky through massive skylights and to the inside of the bank through transparent internal barriers. Clients experience a bank that meets them at eye level. Visual contact and uninterrupted views are guiding principles that are established across meeting rooms and offices, quiet spaces, balconies, stairways and dining areas. Throughout the day, employees feel connected to the spectacular nature of adjacent Amager Fælled and in return, the bank welcomes in the city.

    • Inspired by the North

      The selection of materials for the Nordea Headquarter is inspired by Nordic landscapes using both slate, oak, and trees borrowed from the vegetation of the Nordic forests, adorning the indoor atrium space.

      The inspiration for the innovative and expressive façade draws on the fractured surfaces of icebergs. Functionally, the façade also meets Nordic principles here related to sustainability.

      The façade based on a two-pane window concept, called the Kastenfenster System. The system comprises three-dimensional cassettes that are angled and assembled like building bricks. Natural ventilation, noise dampening, and solar shading are physically handled in the cavity between the panes of glass. The façade solution helps to ensure effective operation of the building, energy savings, better acoustics and indoor climate control. The glass used in the façade is of the highest quality, with a low iron content. This ensures natural reflection of daylight and ensures the outdoor views can be enjoyed.

    • A New Type of Working Day

      Nordea’s employees now begin a new work life journey.

      When clients visit the headquarters in Ørestaden, Copenhagen, they encounter a bank that buzzes with energy, co-creation and innovation.

      In the Eastern atrium space, clients meet the bank’s employees. The space is also a natural and attractive meeting point for Nordea employees throughout the day. This is where people enjoy lunch, coffee breaks and informal meetings. The balconies foster activity with both planned and chance encounters. Towards the facades, we have placed office spaces for focused work, many with views of the scenic Amager Fælled. Already within the first month after the inauguration, the employees put the many informal work zones to use. Now Nordea staff has the unique opportunity to individually shape their own working day. Co-determination and flexibility leads to independence and commitment in a company community.

    Nordea on Christiansbro

    Henning Larsen also designed Nordea’s previous headquarters in Copenhagen. The building is often used as a reference project, and we are proud to continue our collaboration with Nordea.

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