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    • Microsoft's Head Office in Denmark

      People meet and share knowledge in an open, informal working environment at Microsoft's Danish head office, which gathers sales teams, developers and students under one roof.

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    • At Microsoft's Danish head office, nobody in the sales organization has a fixed workstation. Instead, when they get to work they pick a workstation that matches their tasks for the day, such as customer meetings, video conferences or administrative work. The workstations in the development organization support project work of varying size and duration. One half of the building's central atrium is designed to serve as inspiration for informal meetings across the organization. The other half gathers Microsoft's external activities and is open to visitors. With a central location in a vibrant business and campus environment, Microsoft brings partners, researchers and students from the neighboring Technical University of Denmark closer together.

    • Modern workplaces

      Microsoft's philosophy and working methods, which were described in 2005 by the founder Bill Gates under "The New World of Work", are the starting point for the design of the Danish head office.

      The building is geared to house both internal and external collaboration processes, with space for employees, customers and guests.

      This is expressed in a number of activity-based workrooms, which vary in size from small "telephone booths" to medium-sized meeting rooms and auditoriums. On each floor, there is a social hub with a kitchen, furniture for seating, Xbox and table soccer, to stimulate the social community, interaction and knowledge sharing across the departments.

      Charlotte Mark, Managing Director Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen:

      "Microsoft has a department, Microsoft Workplace Advantage, that works on developing the workplace of the future. Their people will come to Denmark to observe the new aspects. Lyngby will serve as inspiration for the rest of Microsoft."

    • "Companies wishing to leverage the opportunities inherent in the way we will work in the future must adapt their physical surroundings to the new situation. It is therefore more relevant than ever before to think strategically about interior design in office environments."

      -Sarah Müllertz Gudiksen, Partner, Head of Design

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