• Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Zone

    Part of a megacity region of some 70 million inhabitants, Shenzhen, China’s new 117-hectare plan rises as a gateway for a thriving waterfront community grounded in pedestrian life.

    • Location:
      • Shenzhen, China
    • Year:
      • 2019 - 2030 (expected)
    • Client:
      • Shenzhen Bay Super Base Construction Headquarters Office
    • Area:
      • 1,170,000 m²
    • Status:
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  • Once a modest market town, Shenzhen, China is now one of the world’s burgeoning metropolises, boasting a population of 13 million and setting a global example in technological innovation. As international attention turns to the emerging megacity, Henning Larsen’s 117-hectare Shenzhen masterplan promises an architectural identity to match the city’s global prominence. Sparkling steel rises along the Shenzhen waterfront, with building massing forming a canyon that serves as a major pedestrian corridor and a visual gateway to the city. The proposal takes cues from Henning Larsen’s home city of Copenhagen, consistently emphasizing the human-scale within the 117-hectare urban context of the development. By reclaiming space traditionally dominated by vehicle traffic, outdoor pedestrian life becomes the masterplan’s defining element. A major waterfront park forms the community’s social nucleus, as Shenzhen weaves social green space throughout the urban network to maintain a commitment to personal well-being and natural connections.

  • As Shenzhen emerges as China’s answer to Silicon Valley, the Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Zone forms the face of a modern technology hub, a symbol of global innovation and a livable urban future. With China prioritizing urban development with a long-term focus, our Shenzhen masterplan provides a future-proofed concept that is a natural match for a region geared toward developing new technology. Balancing the massive urban scale with personal comfort guarantees a thriving new community that caters to residents on personal terms. The Shenzhen Super Bay Headquarters establishes a highly visible landmark for the city, a symbol of sustainable urban growth and as a lightning rod for future development in the region.

  • Bringing identity to the city

    The ambition of Shenzhen Bay Headquarters City is to update the design of the public realm and create a city that is relevant to the needs of future generations.

    Therefore, additional “Cities” were added to the masterplan: Nature City, Shared City, Smart City, Knowledge City, Art City, and Leisure City.

    An Art City

    The initiatives of “Art City” aim to create a cohesive cultural experience throughout the masterplan. In the public realm, art will be displayed in the streetscapes by themes (as in a museum) and large-scale art installations will attract attention from afar. The seafront will house larger cultural venues for performing arts and exhibitions.

    A Shared City

    The Shenzhen Bay masterplan offers a range of shared working spaces in both dedicated buildings and integrated into the public realm. The dedicated co-work buildings are spread out in the masterplan and offer independent access, larger floorplates, internal atriums, and access to amenities such as coffee shops, gym, and shared meeting rooms.

    A Forest City

    An ambitious plan to plant 10.000 trees within the district would shade and cool the public realm, but also reduce air and noise pollution.

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